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All components of your Honda are crucial, but your brakes play one of the most important roles in your safety. Brakes are responsible for making sure that your vehicle stops when you tell it to, and this means that they are your first line of defense against a potential collision.

Most times that you visit a North Miami Beach mechanic for Honda brake service, he or she will begin by evaluating them. This involves removing the wheels and inspecting the brake pads, rotors, and drums in addition to the fluid, hardware, and hydraulics. Your mechanic can then use this information to determine whether your brakes are in need of repairs or other maintenance.

When Should You Service the Brakes?

If you want to know when to take your brakes to be serviced, consult your owner’s manual. The area with the maintenance schedule should clearly state when your brakes should be inspected, and you will also want to bring your Honda in if you notice anything odd about the brake performance.

You will also want to make an appointment if your dashboard brake light turns on or if you notice your car taking longer than normal to make a complete stop.

Those who are familiar with their Honda will also be able to notice other signs that brake replacement is necessary. Your brake pads may need replacing if there is a squeal or harsh grinding when you stop them. There may also be a problem with your brakes if your Honda pulls to one side or the other.

Resurfacing or Replacing Rotors

When it comes time to take care of the brake rotors, there are two main options: resurfacing and replacing. Resurfacing will save you money, as you do not have to buy a new part, but this will not always be an option. If your mechanic says the rotors are too warped or thin to resurface, listen to this advice and stay safe. Any variation or unevenness along the surface will require replacement.

To get more information on Honda brake service or make an appointment to check out your vehicle’s brakes, head to Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach, Florida.