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Wheel Alignment

honda tire center info at Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach

Honda Wheel Alignment North Miami Beach

While Hollywood-area drivers remember that they need to have regular tire rotations on their Honda car, truck, or SUV, some will occasionally forget that the wheels must also be aligned. Without a Honda alignment, you will notice negative effects on your daily drives in and around Miami.

During Honda wheel alignment service at Honda of Aventura, the certified technicians in our Service Center will make sure that your wheels are set at the right angle and centered in the wheel wells. Each wheel must be parallel to the others and perpendicular to the road. This lets the tires share the stress associated with driving, evenly distributing traction, power, and pressure to provide a smooth and safe ride.

Learn more about when to schedule a wheel alignment, how much a Honda dealer wheel alignment costs, and more in this guide from the experts at Honda of Aventura.

When Should I Get a Honda Wheel Alignment?

Unlike tire rotations or oil changes, which are included in your Honda maintenance schedule, a wheel alignment is generally performed as needed. That being said, the service team at Honda of Aventura recommends that you schedule Honda wheel alignment service every two to three years, and that you have the alignment checked every six months or 6,000 miles. Some signs that your car is due for Honda tire alignment include:

  • The steering wheel is not centered when you are driving straight ahead.
  • The tires are showing uneven wear.
  • The car pulls to one side when driving.
  • You hear unusual noises when steering.

Should you notice any of the above when driving in and around Miami Lakes, you should schedule Honda wheel alignment service with us as soon as possible. Driving with wheels out of alignment can negatively affect performance and handling, reduce fuel efficiency, and cause uneven wear on the tires.

What Causes Wheels to Get Out of Alignment?

There are a few different reasons why a car’s wheels will get out of alignment. The most common are:

  • Hitting a pothole
  • Bumping into a curb
  • Driving too fast over a speed bump
  • Being involved in a collision

Loose, worn, or damaged suspension components, such as shocks or struts, can also cause the wheels to be misaligned. It’s a good idea to have the professionals in our Service Center inspect the suspension when you bring your car in for routine maintenance. This will allow them to correct any issues and perform Honda wheel alignment service if needed.

What is Done During a Honda Wheel Alignment Service?

When you bring your car, truck, or SUV in for Honda wheel alignment service at Honda of Aventura, our skilled technicians will:

  • Adjust the settings of the front toe
  • Adjust the rear toe settings (with a four-wheel alignment)
  • Adjust the camber alignment settings
  • Adjust the caster settings

This will ensure that the tires are fully contacting the road, improving handling and safety on Fort Lauderdale roads and beyond.

How Much Does a Honda Dealer Wheel Alignment Cost?

A front end alignment typically will cost North Miami Beach-area drivers from $50 to $75, while the price for a four-wheel alignment runs from $100 to $150. Honda of Aventura keeps our Honda alignment prices very competitive, and we also regularly offer Honda tire alignment coupons to help you save even more. Check out our current service specials to get the best deal possible.

Rely on Us for Your Next Honda Wheel Alignment

You can count on the skill and expertise of our factory-trained technicians to provide the professional Honda wheel alignment service your car needs and get you safely back on the road in a timely manner. You’ll also find that our Honda alignment price is fair and reasonable. If you have any questions about our Honda tire alignment service or any of the other maintenance and repair services we offer, please contact our Service Center.